Hello world!

“A bird doesn’t sing because he has an answer, he sings because he has a song.”

This quote by Joan Walsh Anglund, and associated with Maya Angelou, is the reason I am adding my name to the list of millions world-wide who have started a blog.  As a practicing general internist for over twenty years, I have perspectives and insights on health and nutrition borne out of tens of thousands of conversations with patients, families and colleagues.  The conversations have proven to me that oftentimes there are common themes to our health successes and failures–outcomes that are rooted in our similar experiences, challenges and cravings (translation:  I love chocolate!  I really do!).  I hope to share with you some of these themes by exploring relevant health topics, dispelling some common myths along the way (which may save you money in the health food store!), and answering any questions you may have.

Yet medical facts are not all I wish to share.  Facts alone can get boring and, more importantly, lose sight of the true impact and suffering illnesses create.  For this reason, I have spent several years writing poetry about specific medical conditions.  Poems are an effective way to gain insight into the personal, vulnerable, unscientific view of being sick. Whether suffering from cancer, dementia, migraines or obesity, searching the web can provide countless facts, scientific explanations and possible treatments but far too few websites speak about the actual experience of the illness.  So some of my blogs may start or end with a poem and all poems included will be archived for you to read separately if you wish.

I will post weekly and invite your feedback about the medical information, the poems, or suggestions as to topics you think would be helpful for me to write about.  At its heart, this blog is about sharing that which joins us together in our experiences and challenges to live a healthy and more compassionate life.

Thank you for reading!